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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Do you use Bluetooth headphones?

I’ve always got a pair of headphones near me. I don’t usually have them in (or on) my ears when I’m at my desk, but sometimes I do. And when I leave the house, they’re always in. At least one. I’ve typically gone with in-ear buds, typically because I need to have one ear available more often than not and having on- or over-ear headphones can make that super awkward.

A couple of years ago I asked which headphones you use, and why, and the majority of responses really helped me pick a pair that I liked. Eventually I fell back into using Apple’s standard in-ear Pods, but as it stands right now I’m beginning to think it’s time for a change.

A bigger change than before, too.

The reason I want to change it up a bit is because while the Pods are fine, I guess, I want something with better sound quality. They’re good enough for general use, but it’s time to upgrade. After all, I listen to music all the time so I might as well have the best audio possible, right?

But, more than all of that is my desire to get away from wires. I have more than a few pairs of the Pods and most of them have their wires all screwed up. I can straighten them out for the most part, but they always seem to get wrapped up and tangled again. It’s annoying. Sure, it’s a small thing, but when there’s not much to headphones in general, having the wires annoy you day-in and day-out can get aggravating.

I’ve been told my more than a few people that I’ll automatically lose sound quality by switching to a pair of Bluetooth-equipped headphones, but I figure I can still aim to get good quality and ditch the wires, too. At least, better quality than what I have now, even with wires.

So I’m reaching out to you all again, to see what you use, what you’ve avoided and what, ultimately, you’d recommend. Let me know if you’ve got a pair of Bluetooth headphones, in-ear especially, and why you’d recommend them to me as my next pair. Or should I just stick with the twisted wires? Let me know!

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