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Friday, July 9, 2021

Do you want Android on your TV?

The battle to get software on just about everything, in every aspect of our lives, is still going strong. We’ve got the most advanced pieces of software on our smartphones, aiming to make our lives easier and easier. 

Software on our watches, which is supposed to function as an extension of the software on our phones. Tablets. Phablets. Here soon, Microsoft is going to make sure that the software that runs on computers, phones and even a video game console are the same thing.

That’s probably a leg up on some of the competition when it comes to the battle for the living room. Microsoft’s goal of having one operating system across the board, from mobile to the machines on our desks, is certainly better than the options available right now. At least, in some ways.

Apple is still vying for the living room, too. They’ve got their Apple TV, which once started as a hobby and quickly became something else. The company just dropped the price for the current generation model to $69, and they netted an exclusive deal with HBO to launch HBO Now just to sweeten the deal. Apple TV’s probably going to get refreshed soon (that price drop would signal as much, more than likely), and it will be interesting to see how much further Apple takes the integration of its services on the set-top box.

Google has been gunning for the living room for quite some time now. Do you even remember Google TV? It was discontinued in mid-2014, and it was subsequently replaced by Android TV. Right now, Android TV is available in devices like the Nexus Player, and companies like Razer, ASUS, Sony and others have pledged their own devices running the Android TV platform.

This is effectively Google’s second go-around when it comes to giving the living room a real shot. While Google TV never really caught on with consumers, Android TV at least has the potential to do quite the opposite, and it will be interesting to see if it ever does.

My question to you, is whether or not you’re even interested in something like that. The perks are there, like gaming on the TV without buying an expensive console, access to the Google Play Store for easy movie rentals and what not, and plenty more. It’s certainly an option, but is it an option you’re considering? Or one that you’ve already invested in with a Nexus Player?

Are you eager to put Android on your TV?

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